Give sports the big screen treatment online

Many sports have a worldwide fan base but very few of those fans are able to personally attend. Event Broadcasting not only allows those fans a front row view of the action, but also encourages away fans to support their team even when they are playing hundreds of miles away.

Lesser known sports can achieve a worldwide fan base increasing the profile of the sport. Streaming live games and On Demand content to social sites such as Facebook and YouTube further increases the audience.

Data driven graphics and revenue creation

TV quality features complement the live action, Stream7’s system allows for live graphics such as scores and statistics to be shown on the screen, and multiple camera angle replays ensure remote viewers don’t miss the action.

Revenue can be created through the Event Video Platform (EVP) by charging viewers a Pay Per View fee to watch matches or alternatively adding sponsor advertisements within the stream. Methods such as these can cover the cost of the Event Broadcast ensuring the maximum exposure for the sport for little expense.

Increased audience

Online Broadcasting allows for an larger audience and sport exposure.


Cover the cost of Event Broadcasting with sponsor advertisements and branding.

Cost effective

Fans are able to watch away matches without the limitation of travel expenses.

Revenue streams

Charging Pay-per-view allows sports to cover broadcasting costs along with providing additional revenue.

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