Broadcast your meetings, training and conferences online, increasing productivity and ROI.

Stream7 work with a range of companies to enable them to use digital video to communicate with clients, staff and partners. Event Broadcasting allows direct access to important video content for remote workers, staff and customers who are unable to personally attend events.

By using live webcasting and On Demand recording, conferences, product demonstrations, internal and external communications can all be watched both Live and On Demand without the limits of location.

Stream7 Event Video Platform

Interactivity allows remote viewers to ask questions and download resources such as documents and presentations. This ensures that viewers can have the same experience as being there in person.

Our Event Video Platform had been custom designed as an Enterprise Video Platform, providing a fully managed location to store a company’s video assets. This allows video content filmed at events along with training and marketing videos to be viewable on a custom website and watched on any device.


Webcasts can be made private and secured with a required login and password.

Live Streaming

Events can be viewed worldwide on any device, and interactivity such as Q&A can be added.

No-wait publishing

The footage is edited live as it happens enabling the finished video to be delivered super fast.

Event Video Platform

All the footage from your event can be stored and managed by us on our custom platform.

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