Virtual Events

Using broadcast quality production and remote presenter technology to enable events to take place securely online.

Using our 7+ years experience in Event Broadcasting we have created a range of solutions for event organisers to enable events to still take place during the restrictions in place for Covid 19. By using Remote Presenter Technology and our custom Event Video Platform we are able to provide Event Broadcasts that are expertly managed, broadcast quality and fully branded, without the need for presenters and delegates to travel.

We regularly stream virtual events and conferences across the world to a wide range of audiences. Our high quality virtual event streaming service ensures your audience gets the very best experience wherever they are, get in touch we'd love to discuss your event.

Expert Management

Our producers work with your team and your presenters to ensure that your event runs smoothly providing advice and support from initial brief, technical rehearsal to event day operation.

We brief speakers and test remote links before each event and also provide Live technical support to viewers.

Production Values

With the move to virtual the production value cannot diminish. We still provide a dedicated production manager to oversee our Virtual Events.

We produce a Broadcast Quality production with dynamic compositions, branded graphics and superior quality remote presenter feeds.

ROI & Analytics

Analytics allow informed decisions to be made on the event ROI.
We monitor video interaction, viewer locations and devices when our players are integrated with platforms.

Using our EVP, we track individual users allowing granular reporting on a participant’s interaction with your event.

Key Features



We bring interactivity solutions such as Slido directly into our Event Video Platform allowing remote viewers to ask questions and vote in polls, recreating the experience of a live event. These questions can then be answered directly by presenters or moderated by remote hosts.



Using our in-house designers or your own graphics, our video streams can be fully branded creating opportunities for revenue from sponsorship and allowing for consistency with the event brand.


Panel Discussions

One of the most popular features of an event is the panel discussion. Our Remote Presenter system allows for multiple guest speakers to debate no matter where they are located. We can even integrate a remote host to keep the guests in-check!

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Some common questions about Virtual Events:

A 100% virtual event is conducted entirely online, with no physical attendees or location, using web conferencing or virtual event platforms.

A networking platform facilitates interactions and networking among event participants, allowing attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to connect virtually.

Virtual events work using technology specifically designed to replicate the event experience online. Attendees will register for the event and then connect on the event start date and time to view the event live. The great thing about a virtual event is that people may also logon at a later stage to watch the event.

Increased reach: a virtual event can help you reach a wider audience as you won't be limited by the number of people that can attend, as aposed to, for example, an in-person event where there are a limited number of seats or capacity. Lower cost: the cost of producing a virtual event can be lower than an in-person event as the necessity to hire a large venue is removed. Better data: you can follow up with attendees after the event more easily, and you can check engagement levels with ease. Time savings: virtual events can be set up more quickly than a regular event, which means you're more likely to be able to conduct a virtual event at short notice, when compared to a regular in-person event.

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