Hybrid Events

Stream live to the world from your event, professional production values ensure that online audiences receive an engaging experience.

In today's world, reaching your target audience requires flexibility and inclusivity. That's where hybrid events shine. Imagine merging the energy and connection of in-person gatherings with the global reach and accessibility of virtual experiences. That's the magic of hybrid events, and at Stream7, we're passionate about bringing them to life.

Whether you're hosting a conference, product launch, or industry summit, hybrid events allow you to expand your reach exponentially. Engage local attendees with the thrill of live interaction, while simultaneously welcoming a global audience through seamless online access. Our expert team and cutting-edge technology ensure a seamless experience for both physical and virtual participants, fostering vibrant connections and maximizing engagement.

Ready to break down geographical barriers and create an event that resonates with a diverse audience? Get in touch and let's explore the possibilities of hybrid events together!


Watch everywhere

With a large choice of devices to watch on, your online audience needs to know they can view your event without any issues.

We advise on which platforms would be best for your event reach, from a confidential meeting that requires secure login, to a new fashion line for consumers requiring maximum exposure.

Stream Anywhere

Events don’t always take place in locations with flawless connectivity.

We work with venues, cellular technology and remote streaming solutions to enable a perfect and stable live stream from your event.

Involve Everyone

We give your audience a front row seat by incorporating interactivity into your live stream such as comments, live chat, polling and apps such as Slido.

We also integrate video conferencing such as Zoom, Teams and Hangouts, allowing remote participation.

Key Features



We work with your existing AV supplier to integrate systems together, this ensures that we do not double up on equipment reducing cost and setup time.


Live Graphics

On-screen graphics help to communicate vital information in event films. From simple lower thirds to show presenter names to data driven scoreboards and stats for sporting events, we produce these in-house and overlay them live on your event film.


Remote Presenters

Post Covid people are unwilling to travel, our technology allows presenters to join the event virtually and take part as though they are there in person.

We use Broadcast Quality equipment and services
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Some common questions about Hybrid Events:

A hybrid event combines an in-person event with an option for other people to stream online.

Making your event hybrid can allow you to reach a wider audience than just those who can attend in-person. You can also allow attendees to watch the conference back at a later date, or even look at engagement statistics. As a revenue generator a hybrid event can help you secure more revenue too.

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