Event Video Platform

The EVP is the only fully managed video platform developed for the Events Industry and the needs of the people who use it.


The Event Video Platform can styled to match your event and company brand. Further customisation can be achieved with the option for a custom URL to direct users to the platform and full custom layout design.

The EVP can be white-labeled so it can be used as a sales tool or as a re-saleable product.

Sponsorship / Advertisement

Sponsorship and Advertisements can be added to the EVP in the form of pre and post roll video ads and website branding such as banners and clickable logos within the player.

These features provide clients additional revenue opportunities which can help to cover the cost of the service.


The EVP can easily scale with your event allowing for tens of thousands of concurrent viewers.

Key Features


Speaker bio

Presenters at the event can each have a bio page. These pages show detailed information about the presenter and social media links. A gallery on the page shows links to the videos they have presented.


Fully managed

The EVP is a completely managed service. Stream7 can handle the upload and organisation of new media and administer users and access control. Support is provided by a support ticket system and live chat.



The EPG is perfect when an event has multiple streams, creating a clickable schedule showing current and upcoming sessions allowing viewers to easily switch between channels.

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