Event Connectivity

High bandwidth and large capacity event data networks for internet connectivity, WIFI and video transmission.


Nothing seems to work without internet nowadays, that’s why our demand for networking has increased over the years. Whether its for attendees to get involved with polls or so that media & press can report live from your event.

Networking planning is at the heart of our network team, with experience working on networks in hospitals, hotels, highstreet shops and the largest event venues.

Bonding Solutions

A hardwired internet connection isn’t always available, fast enough or cost effective at event locations.

For these times we have professional solutions using cellular networks, or if coverage is an issue we can utilise satellite technology. So wherever your event is held, we can broadcast, sharing your event with the world.

Custom Design

Our design team enjoy a challenge and love to find solutions even more.

We have developed multiple solutions for our clients including transmitting video feeds to remote locations with zero latency, and supplying a high capacity networks for some of the largest conferences in Europe.

Key Features


Network Communications

When your taking live feeds from different locations it's difficult to communicate between crew on different sites without our network communications, using our server you can communicate with the team as if you were sitting next to them.


Network Monitoring

Making sure attendees have a prefect network experience is easy when we’re involved, our dedicated network team will be onsite to monitor and tweak settings to optimize the network as demand fluctuates.



Not all venues have great WiFi coverage. We install a dedicated WiFi network for your event, meaning staff can sort out last minute emails and guests can share and tweet those pictures of your event.

We use Market Leading technology
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