Stream events and/or create video-based learning that can be watched from any location, at any time.

With the rise of online video people are consuming more and more video on many devices. By embracing this technology, training and education can be delivered to students at a time that suits them, on a device of their choice including a laptop at work or a tablet on the train.

Lectures can be captured and streamed live or recorded for On Demand viewing. The use of interactivity such as live Q&A along with downloadable assets such as PowerPoint slides,  gives remote viewers the same experience as being there in person.

Accessible online video library

Our custom built Event Video Platform (EVP) provides a branded website where all video content can be stored and watched back on any device. Built-in user access control allows video content to be locked down to specific users.

Integrated PowerPoint slides

Presentation slides are also displayed along with the video of the presenter.

Interactive Chat

Viewers can post questions after the event to be answered by presenters and moderators.

Live Q&A sessions

Posting questions live to presenters allows remote viewers to interact as if they were personally there.

On Demand

Lectures can be watched back 24/7 using our Event Video Platform.

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