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Venue Infrastructure

The annual UKEGS conference this year took place in the IET centre in Birmingham. Stream7 were asked to provide not only streaming for the event but also to distribute the show feed to other rooms around the venue due to a limited capacity of the main room at the venue. This presented a unique challenge as it was not practical to run hundreds of metres of cables to each individual room.

As well as providing this video distribution, Stream7 were also tasked with producing a stream as we normally do. The challenge presented to the team for this client was the ability to bring a remote contributor from the other side of the world, Australia to be precise, into a panel session.

Remote Presenters

To distribute the video feed, the Stream7 team provided a low latency solution which utilised the  internet connection within the venue to stream a live  video feed to each of the breakout rooms. This was the safest and most  cost-effective way of distributing the show feed throughout the venue to multiple different rooms 

With modern events consisting of either a hybrid audience, hybrid presenters or often a mixture of both, Stream7 utilises a unique, high-quality workflow which has been fine tuned throughout the last few years. This was deployed at this event to allow a speaker from the opposite side of the globe to participate on a panel with industry leading colleagues whilst ensuring the feed remained as high a quality as the cameras in the venue itself. Stream7 provided a dedicated on-site producer to solely ensure that this was an easy process for the remote speaker answering any questions they may have had.

Stress-free Experience

The way that events work is adapting and Stream7 are utilising their expertise and knowledge of hybrid working to provide solutions for every need a client may have. Every event provides its own unique set of challenges, whether that be facilitating an easy and stress-free experience for remote speakers or adapting traditional video distribution due to the constraints of a venue such as with this event. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and provided some lovely feedback.

Thank you so much for your amazing support at the UKEGS event. It was a huge relief to have a team as calm and professional as yours. Nothing was ever too much trouble, however heated things got, it was never evident. To see talks being presented live from Brisbane and Birmingham at the same time was astonishing. You were as patient and friendly as was necessary to keep everything to time and without hassle. Working with another AV group also could have presented challenges, but you just absolutely rode them out. All of you were fantastic. We will definitely be asking that your team is at our next event.
Sharon Beckett
Professional Engagement Lead, Glaucoma UK
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