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Kids Invent Stuff (KIS) is a brand new Youtube show allowing kids to get in touch and then have their inventions created and tested by the team. The show is filmed on location in a workshop and also in a virtual studio using green screen technology. Stream7 were invited along to assist in the studio.

Virtual studio

Our Newtek Tricaster portable TV studio is perfect for working with Green Screens. The system allows the green background behind the presenters to be replaced with a virtual studio. Although this technique is nothing new, traditionally the background would be added in post production after the filming, which can be very time consuming. The Tricaster enables us to add the background in real time enabling the presenters to instantly see the effect and tweaks quickly made.

Due to the fact the Tricaster also records in broadcast quality HD the finished videos are available instantly to upload.

Positive results

Our video production workflow provided invaluable in providing a quick method to produce the show, reducing both setup and editing time. It has been discussed that upcoming episodes of the show will use the Tricaster, and using the Live Streaming functionality of the unit, a Live Streamed show could be a future possibility.

It was great working with the team at stream7, Their knowledge was superb and they were a delight to work with. It was helpful having the output live and seeing how the final product would look.

Shawn Brown
Presenter, Inventor & Director - Kids Invent Stuff
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