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World Summit AI by Inspired Minds brings together the leading minds in artificial intelligence to unite large global enterprises to AI technology, academics to researchers, startups to investors, talent to corporates, data scientists to clinicians.

The 2021 instalment of World Summit AI was always going to be a challenging event to produce as it would bring together not only a virtual audience with  physical attendees but also remote presenters who had multiple reasons for being unable to attend the event including concerns about COVID-19. 

Inspired Minds needed a professional broadcast team to guide them through the mist of hybrid  events and Stream7 provided the entire broadcast package from cameras to video on demand (VOD) whilst also handling all virtual aspects of producing this hybrid event.

Professional Versatility

The event, taking place at the iconic Beurs Van Berlage events venue in Amsterdam, consisted of multiple rooms and workshops being streamed simultaneously to Grip where all delegates, regardless of if they were in attendance or not, could network and interact with each other. As well as streaming the live content of the sessions, Stream7 were tasked with filming additional content across the entire venue producing a highlights reel and a selection of interviews with attendees and speakers to really capture the feel of the summit.

Due to the event being held around the end of the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were some speakers who were unable to attend in person due to restrictions on travel or through personal reservations regarding international travel, social mixing or many other reasons. Stream7 provided a broadcast quality remote caller system to ensure that the presenters who were remote were able to connect easily having had a 1 to 1 test call with a specialist technician prior to the event. The system also output in full HD so that it matched the quality of the cameras that were within the venue so the quality of the viewing experience was not compromised by poor internet dropping the resolution of the video feeds both for the online viewers and the people in the room when the remote presenters were on screen.

The choice of cameras across the entire event was critical due to the different sizes of each of the venues being streamed. The varying depth of the rooms and the different sizes of stages meant that the lenses for each camera had to be chosen carefully to provide the correct shots needed. As well as the lenses, the cameras themselves had to be specified to cover multiple different filming roles. The live streaming of the main stages required larger cameras, the workshop rooms needed ones with smaller physical footprints as space was limited and the camera to film the highlights reel and vox pops needed to be flexible whilst still providing high quality film footage. Stream7 was able to facilitate all these needs and be flexible in how everything was filmed utilising our multi skilled team of technicians  

Facilitating Community

Producing a hybrid event immediately after a global pandemic was never going to be an easy task. With the knowledge, experience and expertise that Stream7 have, what could have been an impossible task was made more than achievable.

The event united a global industry that is evolving and innovating daily. Stream7 were able to provide the right technology and people to ensure that the event ran smoothly and also the content producing post event was high quality, exciting and enticing for viewers to want to attend the next instalment, whether that be physically or virtuall

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