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Mirroring the in-person experience online

SQLBits is Europe’s largest coding conference and is aimed at bringing together a diverse community of experts and enthusiasts under one roof. The event is no stranger to Stream7, having helped film multiple previous iterations of the show. This year the event team wanted to level up the experience by offering a full hybrid solution to its delegates. SQL Bits faced the challenge of replicating the experience of an in-person event in a virtual environment. With 12 concurrent sessions taking place across different rooms, the organisers required a robust platform that could handle multiple video streams, enable seamless content delivery, and facilitate real-time interactions among participants. Furthermore, they wanted to ensure a user-friendly interface that would enhance engagement and foster networking opportunities for all the delegates, sponsors and speakers.

All-in-one attendee toolkit

The Canapii platform and Stream7 have partnered before to produce successful hybrid events and it proved to be the perfect solution for SQL Bits. Leveraging Canapii's cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, the organisers successfully streamed content from all 12 rooms concurrently. Canapii's flexible layout options allowed participants to effortlessly navigate between sessions and select the ones of interest by adding them to a personal agenda. With an ever shifting schedule, the Stream7 team were able to utilise Canapii’s back end programming to shift sessions across the rooms and days of the show with ease allowing for transfer of speaker biographies, sponsors and other content instantly. 

Moreover, Canapii's robust chat and networking features empowered participants to engage in real-time discussions, ask questions to presenters, and connect with fellow attendees, sponsors and speakers. With Canapii’s custom Q&A web page, Stream7 were able to display incoming questions to presenters on stage in real time who could then respond while still on stage which allowed for a greater level of interactivity between the physical and virtual attendees .

Canapii’s capabilities did not stop there, however. As the virtual and physical events worlds become more and more familiar it’s important to provide an equal experience for all attendees. The features outlined in the previous paragraphs all allow the virtual attendees to have the same experience as delegates attending in person. With Canapii, the physical attendees also had access to some exciting benefits. The SQL Bits team were keen to utilise the tools Canapii has built in to provide important messages to delegates on their dedicated app. This included providing important announcements across the site, helpful logistical information such as bus timetables or simply being able to create your personal agenda to help them work out which session they want to attend and where they were in the venue.

Seamless blending of worlds

The implementation of Canapii at SQL Bits exceeded expectations and yielded remarkable results. Attendees were highly satisfied with the platform's performance, as they could effortlessly switch between sessions in different rooms, ask questions to speakers, and network with other professionals. The ability to reach a wider audience without geographical limitations was a significant advantage for a conference of this size and international scale. Attendees praised the platform's user-friendly interface, seamless streaming, and robust networking capabilities, which enhanced their overall conference experience

The potential of Canapii does not stop at networking opportunities. There is already room for expansion of the features used. Canapii has the capability to provide a complete event platform solution including, digital signage linked directly to your event’s agenda, ticket registration and collection, floor plans, flight and hotel recommendations and much more! This is why our partnership with Canapii at Stream7 excites us. We truly believe it is a complete solution.

By partnering with Canapii and Stream7, SQL Bits achieved its goal of enhancing the atmosphere of the event, connecting professionals from around the world, and fostering knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.

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