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3 Days of Regional Awards

The Pride Awards are a highlight of the calendar year for Public Relations professionals across the UK and in 2022 Stream7 were charged with levelling up the production of the whole event to bring it into the new world of Hybrid events.

6 Regions across the UK held their own individual awards ceremonies with virtual presenters announcing the shortlists and winners. Additionally, all of this was tied together with two professional comperes and streamed out to watch parties across the country.

Seamless experience for all

To produce the quality of viewer experience that is needed for an awards ceremony of this magnitude, it was imperative that a high quality studio was provided. The studio setup had multiple cameras at different stages, a bespoke backdrop lit with studio specific lighting as well as a dynamic graphics package that enabled live social media interaction from viewers to be displayed on the broadcast during sections of the show.

Stream7 also provided a remote caller system that was simple for remote presenters and guest speakers to use.  It also provided a clean quality output feed to make sure that the final broadcast mix was adaptable without any unwanted overlays such as chat popups. A dedicated producer to assist with remote callers was on hand to guide the presenters through the process including conducting test calls when needed such as when the hosts for certain regions were grouped together at a watch party. The Stream7 producer was able to run dedicated test calls from these venues before the week of the event to make sure the connection and quality of these remote studios were up to standard.

Working in conjunction with the specialist broadcast hardware, the rest of the team of professionals working on the show also allowed for a seamless experience for the presenters and the final viewers. This included a bespoke platform to manage the ticketing of each of the regions as well as an area for sponsors, feedback and a dedicated social media wall with dedicated support technicians on hand to assist viewers when needed. 

Engaging and Exciting

Maintaining a high quality broadcast was the key aim for these award shows. The unique combination of physical studios in different locations across the country, the virtual viewers on the event platform and the main studio hub meant that this event was a true example of the power of hybrid.

Stream7 wanted to make the experience of the awards just as exciting for a virtual audience as it would have been with a more traditional ceremony and it truly was. One audience member even compared the experience to that of watching the Eurovision song contest!

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