Kids Invent Stuff Rube Goldburg

Filming a world record attempt in London

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Kids Event Stuff (KIS) is a YouTube channel that creates wacky kids inventions to problems set by the team. For their biggest challenge to date the KIS team wanted to create a Rube Goldburg (chain reaction) machine designed by the viewers.

They would also submit the machine as a World Record Attempt for a Rube Goldburg machine created using the most sections designed by children.


For the world record to be verified KIS would have to submit a continuous video showing all the sections of the machine working. The machine was over 75m in length and ran very fast, so the only way to cover the action and provide a continuous shot was to follow the action with our camera. 

We used a Ronin 2 gimbal system from DJI that allowed our camera crew to run alongside the machine but still be a stable steady shot.
Our team also filmed close-ups of the action for the YouTube Channel.


After 74 attempts, the machine worked all the way through and achieved the shots required to submit a world record attempt.
The machine also caught the attention of the national media with BBC’s One Show featuring KIS and showing our clips of the machine in action.

The video of the machine now features on the Kids Event Stuff YouTube channel and continues to be a hit with the viewers.

Stream7 always produce great quality footage for our YouTube channel but, with the added complexities of the Rube Goldburg Machine, the team really pulled it out of the bag.

Shawn Brown
Presenter, Inventor & Director - Kids Invent Stuff