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People have busy schedules and can’t always personally attend events, and event organisers often want to reach wider audiences.

Professional Broadcast standard Event Streaming is the answer.

With our expertise and technology, Stream7 bring audiences and events together to make everyone feel they are part of a high-end, television-quality event.

Our production units use the latest NewTek TriCaster units and have been designed by us, so they are optimised for quick and easy set up.

This means we spend more time working with your event presenters, production companies and venues to make your event streaming slick and professional.

Our Services

We film your event and stream it live to the world. Audiences are able to view our event streams on desktops, tablets and smartphones.  TV quality cameras, on-screen graphics and broadcast-standard production ensure that viewers receive an experience equal to being there in person.

Our Experince in Event Streaming

Since 2013 Stream7 have been a leader in Event Streaming, using TV standard equipment and a professional crew we have broadcast events for clients such as the NHS, Sky and Olympus.

Unlike most ‘camera guys’ our team hail from event production and live video backgrounds, meaning we understand the different elements that form an event, and consequently how to achieve the best quality production for your Event Streaming.

Event Streaming Features

Live graphics

Live graphics

On-screen graphics help to communicate vital information in event streams. From simple lower thirds to show presenter names to data driven scoreboards and stats for sporting events, we produce these in-house and overlay them live on your stream.



During your event stream the video is also recorded by our system for On Demand, perfect for viewers who couldn't make the live event and for creation of post event marketing.



We help you make money from your event streaming, including insertion of sponsor adverts and charging viewers using Pay Per View models. Some of our clients offset the cost of the live stream using these methods.

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