Event Filming

Capture your event perfectly for online viewing

Events Filmed for marketing and On Demand viewing

With the huge increase in online video, producing a high quality video at your event is a must.

Capturing presentations with both presenter and their slides, allows people unable to personally visit to watch the event film and catch up on demand. Also beautifully filmed overviews of the event can be used as marketing tools to attract new sponsors and attendees.

Our production units use the latest NewTek TriCaster units and have been designed by us, so they are optimised for quick and easy set up.

This means we spend more time working with your event presenters, production companies and venues to make your event filming slick and professional.

Our Services

Why make people wait to relive your event? Covering live events is not your standard video production, as you can’t repeat something once it's happened.

We use technology to film every angle of your event. Because we film and edit events live, your event films are available to watch promptly after the event to increase on your event’s hype.

Our Experience in Event Filming

Since 2013 Stream7 have been a leader in Event filming, using TV standard equipment and a professional crew we have broadcast events for clients such as the NHS, Sky and Olympus.

Unlike most ‘camera guys’ our team hail from event production and live video backgrounds, meaning we understand the different elements that form an event, and consequently how to achieve the best quality production for your Event Filming.

Event Filming Features

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are a great addition to video content and have many advantages, from helping explain how complex systems work to showing statistics, engaging your audience and making your content more accessible.

Source recording

Source recording

We capture video from laptops, cameras and almost anything with a display screen. This will then be included as part of your event video. This allows feeds such as presentations and medical imagery to be shown in your event film.

Project Support

Project Support

There is lots to organise to create a successful event film. Your event filming will be managed by our project managers, we handle all liason with venues, technical teams and talent to ensure your event filming is stress free.


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