Event Filming

Professional Event Filming to be Streamed Live or Recorded for On Demand Viewing

As people cannot always attend events personally, professional event filming allows viewers to watch online both as a Live Stream or an On Demand Recording.

Filming an event is also perfect for marketing, reaching out to a wider audience and creating archive recordings. Event Films can be shared on social media and even hosted on our custom Event Video Platform.

Since 2013 Stream7 have been a leader in Event Filming, using TV broadcast standard equipment and a professional crew we have filmed events for clients such as the NHS, Sky and Olympus.

Unlike traditional ‘camera guys’ we have a Broadcast workflow allowing multiple cameras along with graphics and presentations to be mixed together live. This allows the completed recording to be ready to be viewed online, shared on social media or distributed to other media outlets within hours of the event finishing, to maximise excitement surrounding the event.

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Our Service

We provide a professional crew and a project manager for your Event Filming.

Live to Tape

Your Event Filming won't take weeks to be edited. We edit live as it happens enabling the finished video to be delivered super fast.

Source Recording

We can capture video from laptops, cameras and almost anything with a display screen. This will then be recorded as part of your event.


Captions / Subtitles can also be created from your Event Film added to your Event Video to improve accessibility.

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