Event Live Streaming

As the event is filmed it is simultaneously webcast live to the world. Audiences are able to view on desktops, tablets and smartphones. HD cameras, on-screen graphics and broadcast-standard production ensure that viewers receive an experience equal to being there in person.



Our platform uses a combination of security measures to keep your content safe. Users can be required to pre-register before the event or can be assigned a login by your company.

Fully Scaleable

Our Online Event platform will cater all the way from a single viewer to hundreds of thousands, whilst ensuring every user experiences high quality video no matter where they are.

custom website

Our site or yours

Our webcast stream can be easily embedded in your own website or our team can develop a custom designed website to host your event for you, making it simple to get your event online.

stream7 platform

Our platform

The Stream7 Event Video Platform is our online platform for all the events we stream. This slick and user friendly website enables your viewers to view your event as it happens.

any device

Any Device

No matter if you are viewing on a laptop, iPad, tablet or phone our webcast works perfectly, even automatically changing the quality of the stream when the speed of your internet changes, ensuring every viewer has a great viewing experience.



Our webinars and webcasts enable full interaction with the actual conference, viewers can post comments that can be seen by the presenter, taking part in a online chat and download supporting materials such as brochures and presentations.

live graphics

Live Graphics

We produce live on screen graphics that are shown on our webcasts, these range from simple lower thirds with presenters names to scoreboards that are driven by real time data from the event. Ensuring your viewers get the full live event experience.

broadcast quality

Broadcast Quality

We use HD quality cameras and cutting edge audio equipment in our broadcast quality workflow, delivering the high quality today's viewers have come to expect.

Live on social media

Live on Social Media

During your live webcast video clips and screengrabs can be instantly shared to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, attracting new viewers.

broadcast anywhere

Broadcast Anywhere

We recommend a 6Mb+ wired Internet connection for our webcasts, even if your venue is unable to provide this we have a range of solutions to provide temporary broadband so the show can go on!

recording for VOD

Recording for On Demand

During your live webcast the video is also recorded by our system, this allows the video to watched straight after the event On Demand, perfect for viewers who couldn't make the live event.



Stream7 can help you make money from your webcast, this includes insertion of sponsor video ads and charging viewers using Pay Per View models. Some of our clients offset the cost of the webcast using these methods.

ad free

Ad Free

Unlike some other webcast systems we do not add any third party ads into your webcast, ensuring your brand keeps centre stage.

live support

Live technical support

During our webcasts we operate live chat technical support, if any viewers are having technical problems they can connect directly with our team and get the issue resolved quickly.



We provide live comprehensive viewing data during your webcast and full data post event, this enables our clients to calculate their ROI.

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