Event Video Platform

The EVP is the only fully managed video platform developed for the Events Industry and the needs of the people who use it.

Online Video

The filming and live streaming of events creates video files and these files can be enormous in data file size. Many video companies simply supply these files to the client at the end of their event. This is when the issues of file storage, playback compatibility with multiple devices, and security become apparent.

Stream7 understand that clients need an enterprise managed solution for the media created from their events. This is why we developed the Stream7 Event Video Platform.

Event Video Platform

The EVP is a customisable business grade video platform, where both live streams and On Demand recordings can be watched back.

Unlike uploading your content to public platforms such as YouTube, EVP is custom designed for your event, only plays your video content, and is completely advertisement free. EVP is also a fully managed service, where management of media along with any technical support is provided by Stream7 removing the need for management by the client.


The Event Video Platform (EVP) can be uploaded with your logos and colour schemes, so it can be styled to match your event and company brand. Further customisation can be achieved with the option for a custom URL to direct users to the platform and full custom layout design. We can white label the EVP meaning it can be used as a sales tool or as a re-saleable product.


Videos can be sorted into categories - for instance by event, day or even topic, this allows viewers to easily navigate the content library. Categories can also be used to control which content viewers can access.

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