Event Broadcast

The Stream7 Guide to Broadcasting events live or On Demand around the world.

People have busy schedules and can’t always personally attend events.
Sometimes venues are filled to capacity and part of the audience must watch from an overflow room on a large screen and others need to watch back On Demand after the event.

We call this Event Broadcasting.

Why broadcast your event?

By turning your event into an Event Broadcast you can:

Expand Event Reach and Longevity

  • Grow event attendance by streaming Live and On Demand to those unable to attend
  • Stream to overflow rooms when venues are sold out
  • Video content to watch post event creates lasting value for attendees
  • Use On Demand content to keep the event live after it’s over to attract future attendees

Increase Engagement

  • Viewers can interact with the event broadcast through slides, the highest quality video, live Q&A and polls
  • Live feeds into social media attract and engage additional viewers
  • Video on demand published within 24 hours (or less) capitalises on event excitement
  • The Stream7.tv platform along with 24/7 viewing allows year round exposure to your event
  • Our video streams can be integrated with your existing website, social media and E-commerce platform

Maximize Event ROI

  • Reduce the cost per attendee by increasing online event attendance
  • Use Live Broadcasts as a marketing tool to drive attendance to physical events
  • Create revenue with pay-per-view videos or video sponsorships
  • Use detailed analytics to see exactly who is watching to make informed programme decisions, measure ROI and plan future events

Event Sectors

Webcasting increases the reach of all events.

Conferences can be shown to colleagues in a different country, seminars can be watched back as reference material, music concerts can be streamed around the world and educational lectures can be taken out of the classroom and into an online learning system.

Hybrid & Virtual Events

  • Keynotes
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Overflow rooms
  • User/developer conferences
  • Medical conferences
  • Association meetings
  • Sponsored events

Live Webcasts

  • Town hall meetings
  • Executive communications
  • Product launches
  • Employee/sales kick-offs
  • Special events
  • Investor communications

About Stream7


With our expertise and technology, Stream7 bring audiences and events together to make everyone feel they are part of a high-end, television-quality event. Our production units use the latest NewTek TriCaster units and have been designed by us, so they are optimised for quick and easy set up. This means we spend more time working with your event presenters, production companies and venues to make your event broadcast slick and professional.


In-depth knowledge and cutting-edge technology allows us to stream events effectively with minimum disruption and at affordable rates. We mix video streams live at the time of broadcast, meaning your streamed event is of televisual quality and on-screen graphics and feeds from external sources complete the professional look.


Event Filming


We film your event using the latest in HD video technology along with video feeds from other sources such as laptops which are all recorded together to create the Event Broadcast.

Event Filming
Event Live Streaming

Live Stream

As the event is filmed it is simultaneously webcast live to the world. Audiences are able to view on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Event Streaming
Events On Demand Filming

On Demand

Our On Demand service means your live webcast can be viewed whenever and wherever at the leisure of your audience.

Events On Demand
Events On Demand Filming


The EVP is the only fully managed video platform developed for the Events Industry and the needs of the people who use it.

Event Video Platform

Our Team

We are a busy team of videographers, live sound engineers, graphic designers, event production managers and IT specialists. Unlike most ‘camera guys’ our team hail from event production and live video backgrounds, meaning we understand the different elements that form an event, and consequently how to achieve the best quality production for your Event Broadcast.

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