Down on the farm - without leaving the classroom

Tesco are using the power of webcasting to allow schoolchildren to virtually visit farmers in the UK and abroad.
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Down on the farm - without leaving the classroom

Tesco understand that helping children understand where their food comes from will help them to have a healthy relationship with food. Through their ‘Farm to Fork Online Field Trips’ children can travel the world from the click of a button.

Using the power of Google+ the children can gather around the interactive whiteboard in their classroom and greeted by farmer from anywhere in the world. They are then taken on a tour of the farm or factory and can even ask questions in real time.

Schools and teachers have high praise for the scheme and highlight how financial pressures often mean that arranging actual field trips can be difficult.

This is a great example of how by embracing online video companies can make a real difference to their customers and community.

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