Demystifying Live Event Streaming: Essential Equipment for Seamless Online Experiences

Learn more about the equipment needed to live stream your conference, event, expo or exhibition!
Aug 22, 2023 | 4 Minute Read
Demystifying Live Event Streaming: Essential Equipment for Seamless Online Experiences

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the ability to stream events has become an indispensable aspect of event planning. Whether it's a conference, concert, trade show, exhibition, or corporate gathering, the demand for hybrid events, combining in-person and virtual experiences, has surged. To deliver captivating and engaging online experiences, event organisers need to ensure they have the right equipment in place. In this blog post, we will explore the essential equipment needed to successfully stream an event and reach your target audience remotely, wherever they are located.

Cameras for Live Streaming

To produce a high-quality live stream, cameras are at the forefront of your setup. Depending on the scale and nature of your event, you may choose from a range of options. For smaller events, a single camera may suffice, while larger productions may require multiple camera angles for a more dynamic experience. Consider using professional-grade cameras, from mirrorless cameras, PTZ cameras to broadcast cameras, with good low-light performance and interchangeable lenses for greater flexibility for different size venues.

Tripods and Camera Mounts

To ensure stability and steady footage, tripods or camera mounts are crucial. Invest in sturdy tripods that can hold the weight of your camera equipment. This will help eliminate shaky footage and ensure a professional-looking stream.

Microphones for Live Streaming

Audio quality plays a vital role in the success of your live stream. To capture clear and crisp sound, consider using external microphones. For interviews and panel discussions, lavalier microphones or handheld microphones can be used. Alternatively, shotgun microphones are excellent for capturing audio from a distance or in large event spaces.

Audio Mixers for Live Streaming

An audio mixer allows you to control and balance the audio levels from different microphones and audio sources. This equipment ensures that all participants and presenters can be heard clearly, regardless of their position on stage or in the venue. A digital audio mixer provides greater control and flexibility, allowing you to fine-tune audio settings and apply real-time effects.

Lighting Equipment for Live Streaming

Proper lighting is essential for a visually appealing live stream. Lighting equipment, such as LED panels or softboxes, can help create a well-lit environment, eliminating shadows and ensuring that your speakers and performers are clearly visible. Consider the venue's lighting conditions and invest in lighting equipment accordingly.

Video Switchers for Live Streaming

To switch between camera feeds and create a dynamic viewing experience, a video switcher is necessary. It allows you to seamlessly transition between different camera angles, pre-recorded videos, and graphics. Look for a switcher that supports multiple inputs and has the capability to integrate with your streaming software or platform.

Encoder and Streaming Software

An encoder converts your audio and video signals into a digital format that can be streamed over the internet. Consider using a hardware encoder (we use Newtec Tricasters) or software-based encoding solutions, depending on your requirements and budget. Streaming software, such as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Wirecast or Vmix, helps you manage your live stream, add overlays, and control the streaming settings.

Reliable Connectivity for Live Streaming

A robust and reliable internet connection is the backbone of your live stream. Ensure that your venue has a high-speed internet connection with sufficient upload bandwidth to handle the streaming requirements. For added redundancy, we use bonded cellular solutions from suppliers such as Dejaro and LiveU to provide a backup internet connection incase the venue internet fails.

Event Management Platforms

To host your live stream and manage audience engagement, consider using an event management platform. These platforms allow you to create branded event pages, manage registrations, and provide interactive features such as live chat, polls, and Q&A sessions. Look for platforms that offer scalability, analytics, and integration options with popular streaming platforms.

Backup Equipment and Redundancy for Live Streams

Live events come with unexpected challenges, and technical issues can arise. It's essential to have backup equipment readily available to address any unforeseen circumstances. Having additional cameras, microphones, cables, and power supplies can help you quickly resolve issues and keep your live stream running smoothly.


Streaming an event requires careful planning, the right equipment, and technical expertise. By investing in the essential equipment mentioned above, event organizers in the UK and Europe can deliver seamless and engaging online experiences to their audiences. Remember to consider the scale and nature of your event, choose high-quality equipment, and have contingency plans in place. With the right equipment and a reliable team, you can make the most of your event, reaching a potentially global audience and creating unforgettable experiences both in person and online.

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