Stream7 Hybrid events Jargon Buster

May 9, 2023
Here are our top 7 terms to help you clear the fog around hybrid events

Hybrid events have burst onto the scene since the end of the pandemic and offering a virtual element to audiences across the world is becoming more and more essential to the planning of any event. So who looks after what or who? What do those terms mean that your production company throws your way when you are in meetings? Here are a few examples of some of the terms that are mentioned and our definitions to help you understand exactly what you are discussing and therefore to help you make decisions accordingly.

1. Hybrid Event
Hybrid events can consist of multiple combinations of the following scenarios:

Physical presenters, online remote presenter, physical audience, online remote audience.

Any combination which includes an element of physical and remote would be considered a hybrid. This is typically undertaken by having the studio equipment in the location where the physical presenters or the physical audience are and streamed online globally.
Typically these events involve element of interaction between remote and physical contributors and audience

2. Remote Caller/Speaker
Presenter, moderators, hosts or anyone else contributing from an alternative global location other than where the event is taking place. Typically utilising a computer webcam on one end or a full broadcast team at the more produced end of the scale.

3. Remote caller system
The programme which is used to bring remote participants video and audio feeds into the studio to be compiled into a live show. Basic examples of this would be Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet etc. Typically these methods offer a cheaper out of the box solution but come with less management and control capability as they create a mixed feed of all video and audio.


4. Networking Platform
A network-based platform is a piece of technology or software that connects users with other members of a community to create mutually beneficial opportunities, It gives a space to not only watch a live broadcast but often interact with presenters and delegates alike utelising functions such as chat windows, Q&A areas, breakout rooms, sponsor booths, poster rooms etc. ... The usefulness of the platform snowballs as more and more members join the network.

5. Producer
The producer can take on multiple roles on the production team from full creative management to speaker management including guiding remote presenters through the process of speaking on the show including testing connections, video and audio quality.

6. VOD - Video on Demand
Video on demand technology is used for delivering video content, directly to individual customers for immediate viewing at a time and location of their choosing. This video is hosted online for an agreed amount of time for viewers to consume at their leisure.

7. GFX - Graphics
Graphics can refer to multiple different elements of the production. When relating to event broadcast the term graphics refer to anything that appears on the main broadcast output that isn’t a camera. For example; logos, lower thirds (name bars), social media content or other holding slides.

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Stream7 Hybrid events Jargon Buster

Here are our top 7 terms to help you clear the fog around hybrid events

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