Meeting Mayhem and WFH Woes

How unmanaged Virtual Events can lead to embarrassing situations.
Jan 24, 2021 | 2 Minute Read
Meeting Mayhem and WFH Woes

We are hearing a lot about how people are using video conferencing software to enable meetings and even virtual events to take place during lockdown. 

Unfortunately things can sometimes go wrong! From unexpected family intrusions to surprise potatoes!

In a traditional event scenario a team of technicians ensure that visuals, audio and lighting are all on point  and that slide decks and video clips are all prepped and ready to be go, the problems now arise as the control of the technology comes down to the presenters. These champions of industry and consummate professionals in the outside world seem to forget the rules of engagement in a virtual scenario and sometimes forget even more than that!  

You wouldn't expect to have to tell someone to put their trousers on as they step up to the podium to give their latest budget analysis, or to remove their cartoon filters as they prepare to preach to a virtual congregation, however these are the kind of clangers people are dropping in the world of virtual events. 

We know From our years of experience in events that when people are in focus they have more to worry about than the technology so we do that for you , Stream7 has devised our Virtual Events workflow to be as close to a traditional event as possible. Conducting  test calls to check camera quality audio feeds and all additional inputs and media.  Our technology allows us to control the presenter’s slides remotely and even secretly communicate with hosts to ensure event’s run smoothly. And to remind them not to take their laptop to the loo and remove their comedy cat ears. Meow!

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