Covid-19, Our Thoughts

April 9, 2020
Our reflection on Coronavirus and the event industry.

Hello friends and colleagues,

We wanted to share a few things that have been on some of our clients and our minds recently. 

We appreciate things can be tough during these unusual times and hope everyone is managing well. Seeing how our industry has banded together and supported those less fortunate is really heartwarming and makes us feel proud to be a part of. There are clear and obvious issues surrounding live events on everyone's mind at the moment and we understand that people are looking for solutions.

One of the main problems we face is that entertainers, delegates, talent, and speakers are hesitant or not permitted to travel or physically gather en mass and this will continue to be a consideration for event organisers and attendees alike going forwards, even after the current government restrictions are relaxed and lifted. Medical expectations predict this or a variation of coronavirus could become a seasonal concern and potentially return annually.

However we know people are always searching out information and entertainment and new forms are constantly being generated. What we need to do is create modern solutions for bringing these factors together. New ways of working and workflow methods will be key to the continuation of events, conferences and seminars.

The internet has shown us over the last 30 years how the world can be a much smaller and accessible place. It is currently our most valuable tool available to aid businesses and events organisers alike in overcoming the difficulties and financial repercussions ahead created by covid-19 

“the web as I envisaged it, we've not seen yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.”
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web

With this in mind we are thrilled to already see event organisers and companies working together utilising modern technology at their disposal to keep their events moving forwards. Please take a moment to have a look at a few recent case studies.

As people become more aware of the importance of travel both with regards to the current pandemic and the environmental impact. Hosting events online is becoming a popular and increasingly relevant solution. Offering cost-efficient, lower risk, time efficient solutions is key to continue hosting events. The scale and reach of your event was once limited by restrictions such as venue size and location, time and travel costs, with online events these restrictions are mitigated or don't exist.

Hosting events online is a great way to bring your event and audience together.

If you have any concerns about your events, would like to know a bit more about streaming or would just like a chat to alleviate the boredom of self isolation why not give us a call and have a virtual cuppa.

Stay at home, take care of yourself and protect our NHS.  

Love Team Stream7.

Andy Jeffries

Bringing 18 years of live event experience, Andy has worked with some of the most renowned organisations and artists on the largest events across Europe. His understanding of process and workflow along with people and time management skills makes him the perfect choice for a Stream7 production manager.

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