February 27, 2020
Enabling events to broadcast online removing the need for travel.

The spread of Coronavirus is worrying for many event organisers, as delegates are opting not to travel. International events are being particularly hit with speakers and visitors being advised not to travel. 

Event Broadcasting is the perfect way to reach event attendees via their laptops, phones and smart devices. Our services even allow speakers to present from their home location directly to a conference venue anywhere in the world.

We can work with your existing Audio Visual supplier to simply supply only the additional equipment required to stream the event, or we can supply a full production including cameras, lighting and microphones. 

Our Event Video Platform (EVP) allows events to be streamed to laptops and smart devices, whilst access controls ensure that private events can only be accessed by authorised viewers.

By using our full production services or just our EVP, our Event Broadcasting expertise and technology will ensure that your events can still reach your audience.

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