SUFC Promotion Parade

Global Social Media Streaming of the Promotion Party.
May 07, 2019 | 1 Minute Read
SUFC Promotion Parade

To celebrate promotion to the premier league, Sheffield United staged an open top bus tour from their ground to the Town Hall in the centre of Sheffield for a civic reception for the team, club staff and their families.

SUFC have a huge amount of followers on social media, so wishing to increase engagement with online fans, they contacted Stream7 to live stream the parade and the civic reception. This would be viewable on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, along with huge LED screens outside the Town Hall.

This was a big challenge for us as we needed to stream interviews live from the moving bus, and capture the parade progression along the route. We used a 4G Liveu system to relay the live images from the bus and cameras located on buildings along the route,  into our control room located in the Town Hall, this was then mixed along with highlight videos showing the team’s journey to promotion. 

The social media streams reached over 75,000 viewers online and raised the club’s profile globally.

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