Live on the big screen!

May 9, 2018
The live stream for Techedge18 is shown in Leeds city centre.

Stream7 working with audio visual production company R&B Group alongside Leeds venue Aspire provided the event streaming for Techedge 18.

The Techedge 18 conference was part of the Leeds Digital Festival, and saw top name speakers from international tech companies such as SkyBet, Amazon Web Services and the BBC, present to a packed venue of tech experts.

We provided our Tricaster workflow along with a Tricaster Operator and Network Engineer to both live stream and record for On Demand, the plenary sessions.

The live feed was also screened on the Leeds Big Screen in Millennium Square. This demonstrated that popup cinemas and ‘viewing parties’ can be perfect for events to reach a wider audience in unconventional settings.

The On-demand recordings from the event can be viewed here:

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