SQLBits Network

April 4, 2018
Stream7 build an event internet network.

SQLBits is the largest SQL Server conference in Europe and required a reliable wired internet connection for their presenters and sponsors. Stream7 were already providing filming and recording of the lectures so it made sense for us to also provide the network infrastructure.

The event took place in Olympia, London and in total we provided wired internet access to 28 locations using over 2.5Km of network and fibre optic cabling. We also supplied an on-site network engineer who was responsible for monitoring the network to ensure that each location received a solid connection.

The network was setup in a single day, and proved to be constantly stable throughout the whole event. Due to our use of data networks for live event streaming and video over IP systems, Stream7 are experts in creating networks for events that are both quick to install and cost effective.

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