CIBSE Yorkshire Awards

November 11, 2017
Video & Event Production at The Royal Armouries

The 10th November was a exciting night in Leeds as the CIBSE Yorkshire Awards took place.

This was the second year that the event took place, and for 2017 CIBSE enlisted event creators Jonny Douglas and Pennie Raven to produce and host the show. Stream7 have worked with Jonny and Pennie for many years on various events, and they contacted us to supply the video elements of the live show.

We supplied our Tricaster video production system along with live cameras to show all the action on the stage on two large projection screens. We also used the Tricaster to show graphics highlighting the nominees and winners for each of the awards.

Stream7’s crew are all experienced in operating award shows, and this was invaluable as we worked alongside the in-house crew to ensure the fast paced show ran without a hitch.  

Simon Owen, Chairman of CIBSE Yorkshire commented ‘thank you for an awesome job on the night. It was truly fantastic and I really appreciate all of the hard work you did ahead of time to make it such a success.’

We hope to continue to work with CIBSE and make the event even bigger and better next year!


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