PechaKucha Sheffield

Stream7 provide video production at the 24th PKN
Jul 27, 2017 | 1 Minute Read
PechaKucha Sheffield

Stream7 provided audio, lighting, and of course video operation for the 24th PechaKucha Sheffield night. The PKN is hosted at various venues around Sheffield and this event was held at 92 Burton Road.
92 Burton Road is is a 7,500sq.ft. ex-industrial warehouse, which hosts markets, film screenings, exhibitions, weddings and film shoots. The sheer size of the venue allowed us to project onto a large 16ft wide projection screen on stage, enabling a wide range of video content to be viewed by the audience.
Our Tricaster portable TV Studio was the workhorse of the event, providing video clip playback, display of presentation laptops and also recording the two Stream7 cameras.
The footage recorded at the event was supplied to PK Sheffield to be edited for later use on social media.
The event went incredibly well and we received great feedback from PK Sheffield, the venue and also members of the audience.

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