OneSound at ECG Scarborough

April 30, 2017
Live performance by the choir & ensemble at this five-day celebration of fellowship, worship and teaching.

Friday 21st April saw Stream7, arrive in sunny Scarborough to provide technical support to the Multi denominational Christian Choir and Instrumental Ensemble called OneSound.
OneSound were invited to perform at the annual ECG Celebration held at the Scarborough Spa Complex with Stream7 providing both Video and Audio services.
The group performed an hour long set, telling the story in words and music of how OneSound grew out of what was for many years, the MAYC Orchestra & Singers.
Custom video content was used throughout which was shown a large screen above the stage, intercut with images from the venue’s cameras.
The audio for the event was mixed by Stream7’s Pete Amos.
Pete Amos of Stream7 has been working with OneSound for many years, and has become technical suppliers and advisers to the group supporting them on their performances around the UK.

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