What is NDI?

Newtek’s Protocol allows full HD Video to be sent over standard computer networks.
Feb 28, 2017 | 2 Minute Read
What is NDI?

Traditionally when we send a video signal from a source (such as a camera) to a destination (such as a video monitor) we would use a cable. These cables can be HDMI, DVI or HD-SDI, but all suffer from limitations such as cable length, and the fact the signal can only flow in one direction from point to point (linear.)

As it connects everything, everywhere together in non-linear fashion, the Internet is a vastly better way to move data from point to point. NewTek have used this technology to develop NDI (Network Device Interface) to share high-quality video over a local IP Ethernet network.

The NDI concept is simple: You supply a video source, and NDI makes it available to other devices on your network. At that point, authorised users on that network can see it and work with it,  just as if it were locally connected to their system. This completely removes the need for hundreds of metres of traditional cabling and complicated video switchers.

Stream7 are one of the early adopters of NDI technology, and we use it on many of our projects. NDI was an integral part of our workflow on our Olympus ERCP Masterclass project when we sent multiple streams of video and audio easily through the existing hospital network.

NDI and IP Video is becoming integrated into many new video devices, and we believe it will quickly become the norm, providing greater power, increased efficiency, and economy.

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