The Star Live

February 20, 2014
Stream7 enables The Sheffield Star newspaper to make history by broadcasting a gig by Reverend and the Makers to its readers.

The Sheffield Star newspaper and their Digital Editor Graham Walker understand the importance of using new and exciting online media to drive viewers to their website and social media.

Stream7 provided 2 cameras along with a Tricaster webcasting unit to film and live stream the event from the Sheffield Winter Gardens.

Darren Wain Stream7 Technical Director commented ‘this was a challenging location to host a webcast, the nearest internet connection was in the hotel next door!’ Stream7 had to liaise with the hotel and their network suppliers to secure and install a temporary internet connection for the event.

The event was greatly received by The Star and its viewers with over 5000 tuning in to watch the stream. Including people from Brazil and Argentina. The Star website had the most unique visits in one day ever recorded.

Darren commented ‘this was a great first event for The Star and was able to highlight how webcasting is hugely popular with the readers, and can also be financially viable through commercial advertising opportunities’

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