Why Webcast a Conference?

June 25, 2013
Meetings and events are changing, costs are rising and people’s schedules are increasingly full. Webcasting meetings are a cost effective way to provide business communications viewable wherever and whenever.

To host a conference members of staff used to have to travel to a fixed location, this often meant staff either had to break from their duties or were unable to attend due to other commitments or their location.

Live Webcasting frees a conference from the fixed location and allows people to view and interact from any device with an internet connection including Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets and Desktop PCs. This flexibility allows people to virtually attend the conference from a location that suits them.

On Demand allows the conference webcast to be watched post event, ideal for companies with staff in different time zones or who are simply unavailable during the event schedule. Having a conference available On Demand also creates an archive of seminars that can be used as reference after the event.

Conference webcasts have the ability to become interactive; questions to presenters can be submitted by online viewers, results from polls and surveys can be shown live online and supporting material such as handouts can be available to download.

Security and Privacy are important issues that have been addressed with modern webcasting technology; conference webcasts containing sensitive information can be made private and secure using password protection, secure hosting and even storage on companies own networks.

Overall webcasting greatly increases the reach of a conference whilst also creating an online archive for reference and learning, effectiveness can be measured through a wealth of analytics and the cost and environmental impact of travel can be reduced.

Webcasting is the future of conferences.

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