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The Stream7 Guide to Broadcasting events live or On Demand around the world.


What is Event Broadcasting?

Event Broadcasting also known as webcasting, live streaming and webinars, gives people who are unable to personally attend an event a front row seat live on any computer or smart device.
After the event, the recorded video is stored online so that viewers can watch the action back On Demand at their convenience.

Viewers can watch a live stream on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are also specific video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, whilst Stream7 can provide you with our fully customisable, dedicated Event Video Platform.

31.9 mins
The extra time viewers spend watching live streams than pre-recorded video
of audiences would prefer to watch live streams if it meant more behind-the-scenes content
as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it
of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to an event after watching a live stream


Why broadcast your event?

6 Reasons You Should Stream Your Event

Maximize attendance

  • Live feeds into social media attract and engage additional viewers
  • Viewers can watch live and on demand wherever and whenever
  • 30% of people who watch an event’s livesteam will attend that event the following year (Digitell)

Improve Engagement

  • Viewers can interact with the event broadcast via live Q&A and polls
  • Integrate apps such as Slido to connect physical and remote attendees
  • Presentation slides and other material can be viewed as part of the stream

Maximize Event ROI

  • Use Live Broadcasts as a marketing tool to drive attendance to physical events
  • Detailed analytics help make informed programme decisions and measure ROI
  • Reduce the cost per attendee by increasing online event attendance

Increase Reach

  • Market to worldwide audiences with event and sponsor content
  • Increase audience capacity by utlising overflow rooms and additional venues
  • Stream company meetings to connect remote workers

Extend Longevity

  • Video on demand published within 24 hours (or less) capitalises on event excitement
  • Utilise On Demand content to keep the event live for longer and attract future attendees
  • Event video content creates lasting value for attendees

Create Revenue

  • Generate revenue with pay per view and subscription models
  • In-stream advertisements offer many sponsorship opportunities
  • Fully customise your Event Broadcast with sponsor branding


Event Sectors

Streaming increases the reach of all events.

Conferences can be shown to colleagues in a different country, seminars can be watched back as reference material, music concerts can be streamed around the world and educational lectures can be taken out of the classroom and into an online learning system.

Event broadcasting is perfect for every type of event: