Videoconferencing VS Webcasting

July 26, 2017   |   by Stream7
What are the differences between the two different types of conferencing.

There are two main types of video communications, video conferencing, and Webcasting.
Here we will explain the differences.


Most people have experienced video conferencing, whether at work in a dedicated video conferencing room or personally using Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime.
Videoconferencing is a personalised communication where participants are able to view and talk to each other and share content such as a presentation. Specialist video conferencing equipment or software is required to take part in a conference and generally videoconferencing is ideal for small meetings with only a few participants.


Webcasting is perfect when a party needs to present to a large number of people on a global basis. Webcasts are fully scaleable and 1000’s of people can simultaneously watch on computers, tablets and even smartphones simply using a web browser without any specialist equipment or software.
High quality video, the inclusion of video feeds from laptops and other equipment, along with pre-recorded video and on screen graphics creates a dynamic experience for viewers.
Interactivity in the form of questions and surveys can also be implemented in the webcast, although two way video and audio is not generally included.

When to use Webcasting

Organisers often make the mistake of trying to use traditional video conferencing (VC) to communicate to large groups of dispersed viewers. The requirement of specialist VC software and hardware means that many people are unable to connect, and we believe VC is simply not scalable over 20 participants. 
The scalability and multi-device support of Webcasting allows thousands of viewers to view on whatever device they choose, and Webcasts can also be recorded and made available to view after the event ‘On Demand,’ allowing viewers to watch at the time convenient to them.
Although Videoconferencing has its place, webcasting is the only choice for broadcasting events to a wide audience.

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