Livestream of the UK Election Debates

May 30, 2017   |   by Stream7
Twitter and the BBC join forces for a “trial interactive experience.”

Twitter is working to reposition itself as a video provider by creating numerous partnerships, such as a deal with the NFL to stream american football. This deal will be the first time the social network and the BBC have collaborated together.

The stream will cover five major debates that begin on the 31st May, including the BBC Election Debate, two Question Time Leaders Specials, the Newsbeat Youth Debate and the Election Night Results Special on June 8th.

Promoted as a "trial interactive experience," the service will show live video along with real-time tweets from BBC experts. Tweets using hashtags created for the debates may also be presented live to the politicians.

Livestreaming large scale events such as this makes perfect sense, people are not only able to watch live video on any device, but the integration of twitter allows these remote viewers the facility to contribute wherever they are.

Source: BBC Media Centre 

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