Live streaming records broken by Trump’s inauguration

January 30, 2017   |   by Stream7
Love him or hate him, record breaking numbers tuned in online.

Akamai are a CDN (content delivery network) who provide streaming technology to some of the biggest US broadcasters, and they reported that the inauguration was the largest, single news event they have ever hosted.

According to Akamai, at its peak, 4.6 million concurrent viewers watched the inauguration using 8.7 Tbps of bandwidth. If you compare this to other recent events, the 2016 Euro soccer tournament final peaked at 7.3 Tbps and 3.3 million concurrent viewers. The Rio women’s team gymnastics final hit 4.5 Tbps and 1.5 million concurrent viewers.

Trump’s inauguration shows the growing trend of live video consumption, and the increasing amount of bandwidth usage indicates people are watching at higher quality, proving that live streaming is quickly taking over traditional media as a way to distribute content to the masses.

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