Virtual Reality surgery

April 14, 2016   |   by Stream7
People around the world are able to view a live medical operation in 360 deg VR.

On 14 April 2016, Dr Shafi Ahmed from The Royal London Hospital, will cut off a tumour from the colon of a London man in his 70s. Ahmed – a surgeon and cancer specialist, plans to use a 360-degree camera rig mounted over the operating table will capture the doctors' every movement in 4K and livestream it globally in VR.

13,000 students from 113 countries tuned in previously when Ahmed used a pair Google Glass, (a head mounted display and camera) to broadcast the removal of a liver cancer from a surgeon's POV.

Stream7 have previously worked alongside Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to broadcast live heart surgery, and along with ground breaking events such as this, we can only see the demand to use livestreaming of medical procedures as a unique tool to educate increasing.

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