Hybrid events?

August 10, 2015   |   by Stream7
More and more people are talking about hybrid events, what are they and why should event producers be creating them.

Hybrid events allow you to cater for two audiences, those who can actually physically attend the event and those who can’t make it.

Although these meetings have been in existence for a while, the technology used to create them is advancing in leaps and bounds coupled with the ever increasing use of internet connected devices from laptops and tablets to smartphones, encouraging event managers to take the plunge.

Hybrid meetings allow you to deliver your content out of the venue and target a much larger audience worldwide. Hybrid events involve online technology and traditional face-to-face meeting methods, combining both physical attendance and also a virtual element. Hybrid meetings use broadcast quality video technology along with state of the art online systems to ensure virtual attendees are as well catered for as those at the event.

Provision of internet access, usually via free Wi-Fi, is hugely important at hybrid events, as is actually encouraging your attendees to use their smartphones and tablets. Actively using social media at the event provides a means for physical attendees to interact with each other, with the event organisers and with online participants, and even for online participants to interact with each other.

As well as being broadcast live, event content can also be recorded and made available online.

This on demand content helps to build further discussions, create a knowledge portal for event participants complete with notes, video and powerpoint presentations, and even help market the next year's event by sharing highlights from the current year.

Hybrid Events are the future and Stream7 can help you create them for your next event.


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