The power of a live webcast

October 25, 2014   |   by Stream7
Samsung launches its new phone the S4 using a live webcast from New York's famous Radio City Music Hall.

When you need to get a huge amount of people to watch your product launch there is no better method than a live webcast. Samsung knew this when they used a live webcast at 7 p.m. EST on 14th March 2013.

The livestream was hosted on and embedded into the official Samsung website along with 100’s of tech, mobile and gadget websites around the world. This gave an unprecedented amount of coverage that simply wouldn’t have been possible without the live stream.

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook were alive with comments throughout the webcast further increasing awareness of the product.

Post event the livestream has been converted in to an On Demand presentation and hosted on YouTube and has had over 928,000 views, showing that webcasting an event can continue to have an impact long after the physical event has finished.

You can view the On Demand stream here:

This all goes to prove that Webcasting along with Social Media integration a ‘must have’ at product launches.

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