BBC Three and iPlayer

October 20, 2014   |   by Stream7
The BBC are planning to close BBC Three as a TV channel and move the whole thing to online only.

BBC Three is set to become a "new and innovative online service" from autumn 2015 in cost-cutting plans announced by the BBC's director-general Tony Hall.
This basically means that you will only be able to view the programmes through the iPlayer system.

Although this will come as a shock to many and has already caused a huge outcry from celebrities and viewers alike it does show that online video and Video On Demand is the way forward.

iPlayer has been increasing its viewers since it’s launch in December 2007. New Year's Day 2014 proved iPlayer's most popular to date, with nearly 11 million requests for programmes - up from 8.1m in 2013. The five other major UK terrestrial channels also now have their own catchup tv platforms.

The Stream7 On Demand system allows events to be recorded and viewed back post event on any device including PC, Mac, Android and iPads, and as people turn to On Demand to watch content when they want, where they want; this is a perfect way to increase the engagement in events.

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