Webcasting is the fashion

October 10, 2014   |   by Stream7
October 10th saw American Fashion Designer Rebecca Minkoff partner with the CFDA and Google to produce a shoppable webcast.

This was the first ever Shoppable Google Hangout where viewers around the world could watch Rebecca along with invited special guests from around the world discuss this years latest trends.

Google Hangouts On Air is a system where people can easily produce a webcast and make it available both on google+ and their own website.
The groundbreaking element of this webcast was that the clothing that was being discussed was then able to be purchased online through google and associated online retailers.

This could easily be the future of online shopping - live webcasts with stylists showing what to wear and how to wear it, then retailers able to instantly convert these viewers in to shoppers.

Stream7 has a wealth of experience working on webcast production and integration with company websites and social media, please contact us to discuss how webcasting could be an integral part of your business marketing.

The webcast can be viewed on demand here: http://goo.gl/56TEvh

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