Soup Social

Musical performances and chat for On Demand viewing


Soup social is an evening of live music and informal conversations with participants of the ever popular Sheffield Soup. Stream7 were invited along to capture the live performances to be saved On Demand and promoted on Sheffield Soup’s various social media channels.


Our Tricaster Event Broadcasting system was perfect for this event, because all our equipment is housed in our compact, custom designed case, setup was quick and the space required in the venue was kept to a minimum.

The event broadcasting system is like a portable TV studio with inbuilt networking, graphic creation, multiple inputs and outputs, and video playback along with recording facility. We mixed the feeds from our 3 camera team along with live graphics, creating a dynamic and exciting broadcast ready for On Demand viewing.


The live switching and multiple camera shots gave the finished videos a highly polished ‘TV Show’ feel. Because the event was edited live as it happened the finished videos were available within hours of the event finish, enabling Soup to maximise on the hype of the event.