Sheffield Soup

Stream7 film the action at this unusual social pitch-and-fund event.


Sheffield Soup was setup to offer support to local people and businesses that can make a real difference in the community, both through financial means and networking opportunities. This event gives those with projects or business ideas, the opportunity to market-test their idea by the way of a 4 minute pitch in front of a room full of strangers. The person with the best idea wins the pot of money raised on the night.

The event organisers approached Stream7 to record the event to create On Demand videos that can be watched back post event.


Stream7 captured all the action from the event using a 3 camera crew, which worked perfectly to cover the pitches from a range of angles and produce some exciting footage. Our crew worked alongside the event’s audio engineer to capture the sound from the presenter’s microphones which was then mixed into our video streams.

The addition of motion graphics and titling added to the finished product.


The On Demand videos are a great success, and they have been edited into various packages including a 4 minute montage to help promote future events.  

We are also in talks with the client regarding Live Streaming future events to widen the audience and importantly collect online donations .